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Stars: Super Star XXX,  Black Pashion and Leroy Johnson
Rated: xxx

Superstar is a bisexual big beautiful woman who knows what she wants and takes it. That is why xxx follows her name. The woman is x-rated 3 times over! She loves pussy just as much as dick, so wait until you see her tongue actually vibrate on clit and dick. Her friend Black Pashion wanted in, but she had to be fucked in. Super Star worked Black Pashion until the woman cried,"No more!"

Leroy Johnson has a fat 10 inch dick that he uses well. Watch him pound both ladies stroking and thrusting until they climb on top of him.










This flick is fat and nasty and you will blow a big load of suds on the double booty.












I forgot to tell you that Super Star XXX has a 84 inch collosal ass. She uses it to fuck everybody in the flick up!

Price: $ 19.99 Quantity:

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