Ass Like a Black Girl  

Sugah Rush
Rated X

Synopsis: The shy lady brought out the real slut side of herself and gets real nasty to the camera, swinging and slinging her huge mass of ass and mams for you before her lover comes over.  BIG DRE has a big dick, which is good, cause his big dick goes perfect with her big pussy, big ass and monster juggs. This shy young woman turns into animal heat and shows Big Dre what real good big girl pussy is. Don't get in the way when these two start fucking, you might get some SUGA juice splashed in your eyes..........Debut Hardcore Video with Big Dre. I thought Sugah was going to be submissive but boy did she turn the tables and take charge. Tit fucking at it's best, doggie style and a heated and passionate fall on the floor fuckfest. 65 minutes long


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