Ass Like a Black Girl  

Sexy Mae has 3 nasty flicks, but we are going to roll out one at a time
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Starring: Sexy Mae, Sliq Dik Ruler and Flabio

Sexy Mae is short at 4 feet 11 inches but the lady has mountains of thighs, legs and booty........ over 420 pounds of it.
What does she do with all that soft flesh? Sexy Mae is not shy and she loves Sex! She can handle 12 inches of dick and even 2 dicks at the same time. This flick is off the charts fire! Sexy Mae straddles a face and humps it until she cums. Unbelievable close up action!
Look at those massive thighs and imagine them on your face.
Sexy Mae sucks 2 dicks at the same time. She gets fucked in the ass while sucking another dick. She bends over again and gets fucked while sitting on another face! This woman talks dirty, wails and screams her pleasure while greedily fucking every man in sight.
On the sofa, on the bed all over the room fat super-size
Sexy Mae gives it up. You will blow several loads of jiz on this flick.

Be careful what you ask for!  Can you handle a woman with humongous legs, thighs and jsuper size juicy fat booty.
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