Ass Like a Black Girl  

Powerbosom and Norma Stitz
Rated X

This video is a big tit lovers ultimate dream. Watch 72www tits and 46ggg tits slam together in the jacuzzi and all over the bed. I was simply amazed at the sheer size these ladies managed to carry around. My dick decided it was up and definitely not going down for quite a while. I was harder then the flagpole on my front porch. Huge tits, ass, and pussy all over the place, as Norma invites Ms. P over to teach her how to satisfy a dick.  I barely remember the storyline, but when Ms.P and Norma have a tit fight on the bed, it was over for me. My load shot all over the vcr again! Again Imagine 46ggg and 72www on the same bed slipping and sliding all over. A must have!






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