Ass Like a Black Girl  

Rated: xxx
Starring: Vinnie Diesel, Passion, Golden Hunny and Platinum Pussy

Synopsis:   Vinnie Diesel started with Big Black Video four years ago and has gone on to be a infamous porn star. 
 Here is a compilation of his nastiest scenes with us.
Great facials, doggy style, oral sex, tit fucking, deep stroking, domination and Vinnie using his 10 long manly inches to the max. 

The women: Passion is a nasty biracial woman with a big ass who loves nothing better than to fuck. She tore Vinnie up!  Golden Hunny took all of his dick and then some.  Platinum Pussy almost lost her twat with Vinnie ramming her to the hilt! Plenty of good sex scenes. You will blow a big load of spunk across your DVD player for damn sure.


Vinnie Diesel  loves big fluffy women
and it shows by the
monster cum shots!

Price: $ 19.99 Quantity:


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