Ass Like a Black Girl  


Ms. Supreme Diva

rated: Extreem Fat and Nasty!


The lady  lost her inhibitions and threw
the panties across the room!

   This is a video full of Super-Size Jumbo Booty.

Supreme is Supreme in this flick and tosses her 98 inch ass around on the stud like a fat woman should.  This time around she lets you see her massive ass shake and roll.

The view is a shocker because the lady has much, much, much Azz!   Supreme Diva likes it doggy-style and bounces her claim to fame back on the man until he has to change position or lose his load in a quickness. 

You will see Supreme ride dick, suck dick, strip tease, jacuzzi tease,
deep close-up penetration so you see everything!
Supreme can even put her legs over her head, open up her pussy for the sticking and
overall get her fuck on! This is only her second film in history, but trust and believe she has dropped the nerves.
SUPREME DIVA is here to fuck up BBW porn! 

Price: $ 19.99 Quantity:


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