Ass Like a Black Girl  

Rated: xx

Starring: Big Mama Gia
Big Mama Gia is a beautiful sexy chocolate woman. She weighs 385 pounds and stands 6 feet tall. Her measurements are 44EE-38- 70! Her thighs are almost 40 inches around and her calves will make every testosterone filled man drop to her feet. This video is rated xx but I guarantee to the max that you will blow a load on Big Mama Gia!  You will enjoy her expanse of ass and the awesome wave that flows when she moves. The lady strips and the camera zooms in to give you a big fat stiff dick! Big Mama Gia takes command of her debut flick and shows off every inch of her humongous soft black body. Take a look at her face for a second and you know that some lucky man is going to get fucked!  The flick started out as a solo joint, but hell I don't know what happened. Seems like the stage hand couldn't keep his hands off Big Mama Gia and jumped into the scene.  You could tell they had to come up with a script real quick, but Big Mama Gia rolled with flow. There is a lot of 69 action, nasty dirty talk and the image of Gia with her monstrous heavy thighs wrapped around the lucky bastards head will forever be imprinted in your mind. Face-sitting to the max, slippery shower scene, doggy style and Big Mama Gia's abundant womanhood plastered across your Television screen.
The stage hand couldn't keep up with our chocolate plumper, but she made up for it with her fine sexy body.
You will bust a nutt while watching Big Mama Gia shake, rattle and roll
her stupendous
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