Ass Like a Black Girl  

Rated: XXX 
Starring: BBW MAGIC and Mr. Rod Seeele

Synopsis:  Mr. Seeele wants a fat escort for his Birthday and he wants it filmed. Big Black Video made his wish come true!
BBW Magic came on the set carrying 285 pounds of womanhood and a huge fat ass. She knew how to turn out the birthday man and laid tits and ass all over his body. Ms. Magic has a big mega booty that she shakes at the camera while in doggy position. Her butt wiggles and jiggles so hard that you will swear the camera is moving. Ms. Magic is lusty and takes control of the bedroom.

She is pretty with
big boobs, fat quivering thighs and that BOOTY!

The Birthday boy was full of bs talk until Magic laid it on him. Mr. Seeele could barely control himself when Magic climbed on board to ride his dick. You will forget the man when you watch BBW MAGIC BOUNCE up and down like a wild woman starved for dick. Shower scene, wide open snatch shots, blow jobs, tit fucking and everything else.

Price: $ 19.99 Quantity:


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