Ass Like a Black Girl  

Starring: Supreme Diva

rated: xxx

Supreme Diva is the woman you want to tame, but it ain't happening so you might as well lay down and let her sit on your face. This video shows Ms. Supreme Diva taking charge of the dick and talking mad crazy shyt. The stud had no choice
 but to let the lady fuck him up!


Ms. Supreme Diva rides the dick hard into the mattress slapping thighs all around the studs lower half. 440 pounds of delicious massive ass has to be tasted and once the studs face went between her legs it was on. Supreme Diva took the tongue and got off and then laid more ass on the man's face.
Yes Ms. Supreme Diva let him hit it from the front and the back but the stud had to hold on really tight or one serious shake and he would be on the floor!

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