My friend loves to write erotica, so to save time and keep the brains and curls 
in my head intact I picked this hot story off her website.  

Hope You Like Circle Drive!

 Sometimes the hustle and bustle of the rapid delivery hub would give me a headache especially after a night of studying. Going to night school for engineering and working full time was rough. All I could see was a wave of uniforms as shift change began. Guys that I had known for years shouted "Hey Tyrone, Can I switch routes with you? Coming back to the hub at the end of shift a few weeks ago I told one of the guys about the delivery on my route, it had been an open field of jokes and probably jealousy since then. I glanced at my trip journal and saw "1229 Circle Drive". Taking a deep breath I looked up at the company motto posted over the rear view mirror.

  "Serving the global needs of All"

Right now a global size dick had sprung to life inside my pants as I thought about whom lived on Circle Drive. Dang, it was only 8am by the time I worked my way through the specified route, it would be after 1pm before I got to her house. Putting the truck in gear I thought about the last time Circle Drive was on my route.

The Victorian house was elegant and stately painted white with yellow lace trimming every window. I rang the bell, juggling the box with ease and practice of years handling all sorts of packages and even once, a mail order boa constrictor. I could hear music; it was Donna Summer and her hit song "Love to Love You Baby" blasting in the air.  Granted, I thought it was strange since the song was over 20 years old and yet, it was strangely seductive.  I walked to a side window and rapped on it gently, but something compelled me to look inside.

 There in plain sight was a woman lying on a huge old tapestry sofa. Her body was full and round, but what made me come to an instant erection and drop the box was just the way she seemed to be in abandon. Eyes closed, head thrown back with one big shapely leg thrown across the top of the sofa and the other foot on the floor she was in ecstasy. I could see her breasts and had to almost put my fist in my mouth to keep from moaning. They were so huge, Her thighs were massive and I could see the sweat highlighting her vulva as she dipped her fingers in. The pink folds mesmerized me as she dipped in again and I caught a glimpse of the biggest clit ever. I was burning with need to just lick it and bury my face in her hot wet pussy. The phone cord draped across one huge tit and taut nipple caught my eye and I realized that she was on the phone. "Oh geez," I thought to myself, shes having phone sex. " The thought flashed in my head the same second that she dipped two fingers into her wet pussy, sucked them and then opened her eyes and looked directly at me. Time stood still for a second .We looked at each other in a state of shock with a window and a world of lust igniting us. Backing up I was nothing but a big walking dick. My brain was mush. My hands and legs trembled as I climbed into the truck.

The delivery was still on the floor next to me as I tried to clear my mind and ease the throb in my balls. Pulling off, I decided to continue the route and come back later allowing her time to finish her call.

 Feeling like a jerk, I was in a total daze, but couldn't keep my mind off the sight of her lying on the sofa in pure heat. Returning to Circle Drive wasn't easy as I tried to prep myself for the embarrassment to come. Hoping she wouldn't scream or report me as a peeping Tom I rang the bell and waited. No answer again and the music was still playing. I hope she hears me this time because I am not going near that window I thought nervously. Standing there with a wooden toy soldier in my pants my mind began to make me do things. My feet began to move toward the window on there own accord. Reaching over without looking in I rapped on the window twice then again. Nobody answered. "OK, get yourself together, Ty, and just see if anyone else is home." Looking in, I was in shock because the woman was still on the sofa and still on the phone, but this time, she was looking at me as if she knew I was there all along.

Her thighs were slick with pussy juice; her eyes glazed as she lifted one huge tit into her mouth and sucked it. Her clit was visible through her pussy lips and I almost hit the porch floor as the unexpected force of pre-cum started to fill the head of my dick. She directed me back to the door with her finger. Hands shaking out of control I held onto her delivery by a miracle and turned the knob and walked in. Looking to my right she was still there talking in a low, sexy voice to the other person on the phone. She looked up at me, but still didn't orally acknowledge me. I walked over and looked down on her naked body it had a moist sheen on it from top to bottom. Damn, Damn she is gorgeous. I said to myself." Full massive tits, huge pecan nipples, and a ass that I could feel all the way to my dick just by looking at it. Holding out the clipboard I said "Please sign for your delivery Ms. "

She reached out, but instead of reaching for the clipboard she reached for my zipper. 

My dick sprang out harder than I had ever imagined. She still didn't say anything to me, but into the phone she said "Honey, you want me to suck your big juicy dick? You want it in my mouth real bad don't you? Well, just be quiet and listen for a minute." With that said, she leaned over and put her lips around my head and then flicked her tongue down my shaft. Fire ran through me it was too much and I knew it, but couldn't move away. She sucked, licked, and stroked me with her tongue. The sound of slurping and sucking vibrated into the phone. 

She took my other hand and placed it on her clit and moaned so deeply that I almost jumped. The wetness, warmth and smell of pure womanhood would kill me. She moved and lifted her hips to my hand milking it for all it was worth. Her clit throbbed and I throbbed all of this was madness, but then maybe I was insane. She moved back and licked the head of my dick then adjusted the phone and said into the receiver "Is that good, baby?" I stood there in shock begging her with my eyes and dick to continue.

 Looking at me for a second and listening to whoever was on the phone she then turned over on her knees and looked back at me. Her huge ass was turned up into the air. I could see the pussy juice running down to her thighs. Her clit was swollen as she gave me a look without saying a word. How my pants got to my knees I still don't know because I was insane and out of control with nothing but a big hard dick left to my name.

 Straddling from behind her ass was soft and lush. 

Thighs overwhelmed me as they came in contact with my touch. Control had become an issue. She looked back at me and said into the phone. "Oh baby your dick feels soooooo gooood.... please, please, stroke me deeper. Yes, yes, please. Ohhhh, its soooo damn good. Please, stroke me baby, please. Yes, that's it just like that. Make me cum. My pussy is wet and hot just for you, baby. Please, do me good just the way you like it." She thrust back at me and moaned as I held onto her round soft ass. I gripped her hips and plunged into her yielding womanhood mindlessly. 

She was delicious, tight and hot around my throbbing dick. My balls were on fire as She caught her breath and looked back at me in shock as if she was surprised that it really was good. It was on.

 Passion had overtaken us as the phone fell to the sofa. Her ass felt so good and every wave that came back and hit against my balls made me scream through clenched teeth. She looked back at me again and without her saying a word I eased out with effort as she turned back over.

The sight before me was so unbelievable that I closed my eyes. She laid on her back spread her thighs and then opened her legs as she raised them in the air. The smell of hot pussy was like apple pie to my nose. I needed to taste her. The phone had got caught around her thighs when she turned over and I took the receiver and massaged her wet clit with the handle. She literally screamed so loud that the song playing in the background was drowned out. Donna Summer became a whisper to our ears. 

My tongue touched the pink of her pussy and I looked up. She was losing it fast and I could see it all over her face. Locking her warm thighs around my face I was a prisoner held in ecstasy. She buckled and slammed her hot pussy into my face. I could feel the juice sliding across my nose as I buried myself further into her pussy. I was going to cum. The taste and feel of her clit in my mouth was too much. She started to scream and moan again as I tugged and licked her to another world. Her thighs tensed and smothered me like I couldn't stand it. Coming up for air, I straddled her chest. Putting my cock in her mouth I fondled a full tit and watched it overflow across my hand. They were so big that two hands were needed. She moaned under me as I picked up the phone again and put it to her ear. "Please "she whispered around my dick. I wanted to tit fuck her, but knew boobs as big as hers would undo me instantly. The minute my dick entered her I was lost. The pleasure surrounding me and taking hold of my dick and entire body was exquisite torture. She moaned into the phone" ohhhhhh damn it's so good," but wasn't into anything but the way I made her feel. The phone call was lost forever at that moment. Taking a deep breath my dick rammed her to the hilt and I exploded as her pussy ignited around me slick and wet with cum juice. She held on as wave after wave of lust hit her taking us both over the edge. Opening my eyes I looked down at her. She picked up the phone and looked at me in a daze then said into the receiver. Was that good for you too baby?"

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