Ass Like a Black Girl  

Naughty Neighbors
Rated XX
Starring: Ms. Danger, The Booty Bandit, Terry Pipes

Danger is golden all over and she commands the screen with her generous body. Big tits that hold up a 46ff bra, ass measuring over 65 inches and humongous thighs that beg for company. She weighs in at 319  pounds!

Synoposis: The folks in the flick are nasty. Danger is home alone playing in her pussy trying out a box full of adult novelties. Her moans and screams of pleasure bring a neighbor to her rescue. Terry Pipes walks in and becomes a good Samaritan. He immediately throws her vibrator across the room and replaces it with his tongue and dick. The lady humps back with joy. Next enters the Booty Bandit who also heard the lady screaming. He pulls out his dick and promptly places it in Ms. Dangers mouth. The lady sucks with lusty glee. The men become frenzied and fuck the hell out of Ms. Danger in all kinds of ways. This Threesome is hot and nasty.

Price: $ 19.99 Quantity:

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