Ass Like a Black Girl  

Rated: XXX 
Starring: Ms. Cadillac and the Rookie

We always get emails and letters from men stating they are the gift to all women. They brag about being a big dick porn star and request a audition. Sure its all good when you are home with the tramp next door, but when the lights and cameras roll its time to shut up and start fucking. The Rookie was amazed when Ms. Cadillac walked into the room. He tried to hold on to the ladies humongous ass but it was his undoing. Ms. Cadillac slams the man with booty and big tits. Her massive thighs are a wonder to watch as they shake like jello. There is plenty of sex in this flick even if its with a Rookie who has a hard time taming
340 plus pounds of fat loving.
Blow jobs, Bronco Riding, Face Sitting, Tit Fucking, Doggy Style, Pretzel and more.


DVD $14.99


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