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Stars: Black Pashion, Cotton Candy and Studs
Rating: xxx

This flick was shot on location in a brand spanking new state of the art Barber Shop!

Cotton Candy comes to the  screen with  amazing 46LL breasts! She also has a powerful 280 pound ass! Pashion is tall with a round 60 inch ass that you will want to lick! In this new raunchy flick Black Pashion, exuberant and  sexy took the lead and soon had Cotton Candy legs up in the barber chair.  She; licked her kitty, sucked her clit, and overall turned Cotton Candy out. Their 69 on the floor will get your dick up in a nano second.

















The footage caught on film is dick-inspiring! Flash forward and two men are seated in barber chairs about to get haircuts, but instead they get their dicks sucked.  This is an image that will stay in your head forever.





 If you ever dreamed about getting your dick sucked in a barber shop, its in this video. Those of you who have dreamed about bending a big ass over a barber chair to fuck her, thats in this video too!











All of you who have a fantasy about two big women riding you, with one on your dick and the other on your face, it is in this scandalous flick.



Black Pashion and Cotton Candy hold down every damn scene and give up ass and pussy at every angle.









You need this nasty video!











 The ladies fucked up
 all 3 men!








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